17 Jan 2020

Helpful Mac keyboard shortcuts you should be using


Pointing and clicking with a mouse is great. There are times, however, where using the mouse to perform simple tasks interrupts productivity and slows you down. Try these helpful Mac keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently.

Minimizing (or “Docking”) the front app window: Command + M

Use this combination when you have several apps, browsers, or Finder windows open and want to minimize the active one. To minimize all open windows at once, press Option + Command + M.

Closing an active window: Command + W

This shortcut lets you close active apps or programs like browsers, Finder, Thesaurus, or any app that allows multiple tabs to be open simultaneously. To close all tabs without quitting the program entirely, press Option + Command + W.

Quitting a program: Command + Q

Clicking the red X button in most Mac apps and programs, like Mail, only puts them in the dock. This shortcut lets you fully quit an application.

Force quitting a program: Option + Command […]

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15 Jan 2020

Guest Wi-Fi 101


People today expect Wi-Fi access when they’re visiting your office. However, setting up your Wi-Fi the wrong way can create a stressful experience for them. Additionally, this can also expose your confidential information to malicious hackers. So what’s the right way to do it?

Never give guests access to your primary Wi-Fi

Giving your guests access to your company’s main Wi-Fi connection might seem like a good idea, but you should avoid this at all costs.

Anyone with a little technical know-how can potentially access everything on your company network, including confidential data. In addition, if any of your visitors’ mobile devices have been compromised, it’s possible that they can transmit malware to your entire network.

Ways to create secondary Wi-Fi for guests

If your router comes with built-in guest Wi-Fi support (you can check this feature through a quick web search), you can use it to create a separate “virtual” network. This means guests will have access to the internet without directly connecting to […]

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14 Jan 2020

Risk by the numbers: 15 cybersecurity stats that matter most to your business


You know that many small and mid-size businesses are unprepared for today's cyberthreats. Is your business prepared to weather any cyber storm? If you're not, don't worry, we can help. At [$profile.organization]*, we can ensure that you have the best weapons in your security arsenal. Check out these statistics to inform the conversation about how to ramp up your company's security measures.

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13 Jan 2020

Quiz: How Secure Are You


How do you know if your company is secure or at risk of becoming a cybercrime victim? Take this 10-question quiz to find out and get tips for using Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility + Security to address your most pressing security concerns

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13 Jan 2020

Protect against cybersecurity threats with Microsoft 365


At GeeksHD, we know you don't have time to be hindered by cybersecurity threats. Lucky for you, Microsoft 365 Business provides robust security with comprehensive external threat protection and internal data leak prevention. Here's a quick view of industry trends, pain points, proof points, and reasons to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business.

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13 Jan 2020

Unified communications defined


Communications is an integral business component that no enterprise can survive without. At the forefront of modern business communications is the all-in-one, internet-powered communications solution: unified communications.

What is unified communications?

Unified communications (UC) allows you to manage all your communications as one piece of architecture rather than as several different components patched together. It integrates computer-related communication technologies like instant messaging and video conferencing with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which allows you to make and receive calls using the internet.

What can be integrated?

Just about every medium of communication can be integrated. This includes voice communication in all its forms — voicemail, email, or fax — as well as multimedia services like video chat and web conferencing. Real-time communication like call screening and call conferencing can also be integrated. On top of these, even data services and transactions like eCommerce and online banking can be added to a UC system.

What are the benefits of UC to small businesses?

One of the most […]

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10 Jan 2020

Increase productivity with Office 365 and Surface


Microsoft recently showcased Surface, a line of touchscreen-based laptops and tablets that run on the latest version of Windows. These gadgets boast compact builds, sharp displays, and other top-of-the-line specifications. And the best part is, all of these devices can integrate seamlessly with Office 365 to help you achieve optimum productivity. Here’s what you can expect.

Audio transcription in Word

This new feature allows audio files to be uploaded into Word, which will then be broken down and transcribed on a side panel using Azure Speech Technology. If you want, you can also record directly on Word using the Dictate function. The app will automatically transcribe it. To review the accuracy of the transcription, simply select a piece of the transcribed text and the audio version of that part will be played back.

This technology will be available in Word for web in early 2020, and can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile in the spring. This feature isn’t free, but researchers, students, and professionals will find that this feature is […]

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8 Jan 2020

An essential checklist for WordPress users


Wake up. Take a shower. Get dressed. These are just some of the numerous tasks we do every single day. They may not be fun, but they are essential to our daily routine. Managing a website is very much the same. By going through certain necessary steps, you can ensure the speed and security of your WordPress website. The best part? They don’t take long to complete!

Make backups

It’s crucial to perform a daily off-site backup of your WordPress files and database. This ensures data security in the event of a network breach or natural disaster, and it will facilitate the resumption of your business’s regular operations. Although plugins like BackUpWordPress and hosting servers like SiteGround automate the backup process, manual backups are still necessary.

Verify backups

Not only should you be making backups, but you should also be verifying them. By doing so, you are making sure that the backed up files are going where they are supposed to, and […]

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7 Jan 2020

Creating world-class collaboration in a global team


"Create a culture of empathy," says Kim DeLine, COO for live streaming company Elevate K-12. Check out this Forbes article where she shares successful strategies on getting along, building engagement, and celebrating differences in your distributed workforce. Microsoft Teams provides a single solution to connect across geograph and organizational boundaries. You have tools to communicate internal announcements, hold online meetings, and foster that culture of learning and shared knowledge that gets results. Contact GeeksHD to build your team with Microsoft!

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7 Jan 2020

Cybersecurity: A Small Business Guide


We know you want to protect your customers' data, but how much do you know about the most common types of cyberattacks and how to combat them? Check out this article to see what #security solutions can do for your customers and contact our team at GeeksHD to help you get started.

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