19 Feb 2019

Company Sues Employee After She Falls for $250K CEO Fraud Scam


A woman is being sued for sending approx. 250K of her employer’s cash to an online fraudster.  Patricia Reilly, who was working for the UK Peebles Media Group fell for a CEO Fraud Scam where the criminals sent her emails pretending Mrs Reilly’s boss.

The lawsuit alleges that Mrs Reilly ignored a warning from bankers about con artists tricking employees into making payments to companies. Mrs Reilly was giving evidence on the third day of proceedings at the highest civil court in Edinburgh after winding its way through lower courts.

Mrs Reilly handed over a total of £193,250 of the company’s money to fraudsters and the issue came to light a few days later when a colleague logged onto the firm’s online bank account and noticed a fraud warning. She told the court: “I was also told that to say I wasn’t flavour of the month was a major understatement.”

Lawyers acting for the company accuse Mrs Reilly of being negligent
Bankers refunded the firm £85,268.28 and Peebles is suing the former employee for the remaining sum of £107,984. […]

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18 Feb 2019

Keeping track of your business online


Google Alerts lets you monitor the web for mentions of your name, your business, and even your competitor. It’s Google’s user-friendly content change detection and notification service. You only need to follow simple instructions to get alerts whenever you have new mentions on the web! Learn more about this revolutionary tool.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for interesting new content on topics of interest to your business. It can also be used to alert you whenever your business is mentioned anywhere online, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever.

How do You Sign Up For Google Alerts?

Signing up and using this service is easy peasy! Just visit the Google Alert website, log in to your preferred Google account (if you have multiple accounts), and type in the words and phrases for which you want to receive alerts.

How does Google Alerts Work?

Just type your business’s name into your Google Alerts account, and whenever Google encounters relevant posts that mention your company, it will […]

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15 Feb 2019

iOS 12: Security settings to set up now


Just updated to iOS 12, Apple’s latest software for iPhone and iPad? Have you checked out its new security and privacy settings? It’s a good idea to set these up right now so you can take full advantage of your device’s robust features.

Set a stronger passcode

iOS 12 now requires six-digit passcodes, and this means hackers will have a harder time cracking your passcode through a brute force attack.

That’s because you can now go above and beyond that by setting a passcode with 8, 12, or more digits, or even a combination of numbers and letters. To do this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (or Face ID & Passcode on iPhones and iPads with Face ID) and enter your current passcode. Next, tap on Change Passcode and from Passcode Options, choose between Custom Numeric Code and Custom Alphanumeric Code.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

With 2FA, you’re required to input both your password and a unique code sent to your device as an extra layer of security. The […]

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14 Feb 2019

Manufacturers concerned about PC shortage


The world’s largest computer manufacturers are growing concerned about the shortage of computer chips. Even though the issue was reported back in September 2018, Intel is still having trouble meeting the demand. So, what’s the cause of the major PC shortage and what does it mean for businesses?

Reasons for the shortage
There are many contributors to Intel’s long-running chip production problems. For starters, demand for Intel computer chips has been higher than expected as more businesses depend on resource-intensive applications, cloud computing, and state-of-the-art machines to gain a competitive edge.

Additionally, there are major delays in the production of Intel’s next-gen 10-nanometer processors, largely because the company is short on capacity. This means businesses will not have access to PCs featuring these processors until much later in 2019.

Intel also appears to be prioritizing development of server CPUs, as they make up a huge portion of the company’s revenue. Focusing on server chips, however, has resulted in slower production rates of consumer-grade CPUs. Desktop CPU revenues, in particular, lagged significantly […]

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13 Feb 2019

Why should I use private browsing?


You may think that you’re not online enough to risk your safety, or that you never visit unsafe sites. However, the world wide web is a vast network where the exchange of information is often difficult to track. Here are some good reasons to “go incognito”.

With the headlines about data breaches and cyberattacks greeting you every time you go online, it seems impossible to have a surefire, foolproof way to keep your information secure. Sometimes cyber predators are relatively harmless, but oftentimes, their goal is to steal identities and financial information. Virus scanners and firewalls can definitely help, but here’s an added layer of protection when you go online.

What is private browsing?

Your web browser — whether it be Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Opera — stores the addresses of the sites you visit, cookies that track your activity, passwords you’ve used, and temporary files you’ve downloaded.

This can be convenient if you frequently visit certain pages, can’t remember your login details, or if you’re trying to […]

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12 Feb 2019

Level up your office’s chat app!


Does your company’s chat app feel limited? With the many tasks and people involved in everyday work, having an office tool to help you organize your team not only makes you more efficient, but it also saves time. Here’s how you can use a seemingly simple app that lets you do more than expected.

The convenience of chat apps has enabled workers to cut down on time spent away from their workspace to quickly exchange information with colleagues. And work-related software isn’t just becoming more mobile, it’s also getting more user-friendly, with apps like Microsoft Teams bringing together several different platforms. Here’s how you can use that to your advantage:

Use SharePoint to store and share files

You might already be using SharePoint to store files and collaborate with your teammates. But did you know that in every Teams channel, you can click the Files tab to share files from SharePoint with team members? You can also access SharePoint files that are already shared in the channel and […]

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11 Feb 2019

The Unsung: Phase 1


After a mysterious login attempt from the other side of the world, The Unsung spring into action to protect Anyco from attack.

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11 Feb 2019

Making the most of digital marketing


Many business owners believe they should be promoting their organization in as many places as possible. Realistically, however, updating social media statuses without proper planning and strategy could do more harm than good. Read on to understand how timing is everything in social media marketing.

Social media has helped businesses not only to cut down on customer service costs, but also to cut corners in their marketing efforts. For you to get the most out of social media, you need to evaluate which tools work best in our industry, how much of your time a social media project is worth, and how to apply common best practices.

1. Choose the right platform

Since the internet offers a buffet of free, easy-to-use platforms, it’s tempting to sign up for all of them. Without due prudence, however, you might find yourself managing more accounts than you have time for.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing which platform to use:

  • Who is my target customer and what channels do they use?
  • What […]
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