22 Sep 2020

Empower employees and citizens with connected mobile experiences. Get started with Microsoft for Government.


Leveraging the appropriate channels to reach as many citizens as possible is crucial to building the trust and #credibility of your organization. Follow GeeksHD to learn how you can leverage #Microsoft for #Government to create intuitive mobile tools and applications that increase the #accessibility of your services.

Empower employees and citizens with connected mobile experiences. Get started with Microsoft for Government.2020-09-22T11:19:03-07:00
22 Sep 2020

City of Houston: Enabling a mobile workforce


Large cities are hubs for innovation, cultural diversity, and, of course, people. In other words, there's a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly and that citizens live prosperous lives. In this video, you'll learn how the City of #Houston is using #DigitalTransformation powered by #Microsoft to empower its 22,000 employees with #mobile tools that enable them to work just as efficiently in the field as in the office.

City of Houston: Enabling a mobile workforce2020-09-22T09:12:40-07:00
21 Sep 2020

5 Useful tricks to cut your cloud costs


Business owners need to be aware that there are certain unexpected costs associated with the cloud. These costs may not add up to much at first, but they can eventually cost you more than the service is worth. You need to know what measures you can take to keep those costs down. Pay the right price for the cloud services you receive with these five tips.

No standalones

Cloud services come in various shapes and sizes, many of which are standalone platforms with rates that increase over time. Opt for a cloud service provider that offers a suite of products that all work together. It is often less expensive than a group of standalone products. Another benefit of working with a cloud provider is that you receive a single point of contact to resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

Experience matters

If you plan on integrating a standalone cloud service into your system, make sure you hire an experienced integration consultant to facilitate a […]

5 Useful tricks to cut your cloud costs2020-09-21T08:00:01-07:00
18 Sep 2020

How automation boosts your small business’s marketing


A solid marketing strategy can make a business profitable. Unfortunately, in the past, not all small businesses were able to spend a huge amount of their budget on marketing. With marketing automation becoming more and more accessible to small enterprises, that has changed. Here are marketing automation benefits your small business should leverage.

Inbound lead assignment

When you have phone calls, emails, and meetings piling up, it’s hard to keep track of which customer needs what and who is working with them. With marketing automation software and tracking, customer service representatives are automatically assigned to inbound leads based on specialties and demographics so they can work on building profitable rapport right away.

Instant responses to email requests

If a customer or prospect sends your business an email via your website or a “Contact Us” form, any delay in response could ultimately cost you a sale. But if you have a marketing automation plan in place, you can customize automatic email responses to these leads as soon as an email is received. This […]

How automation boosts your small business’s marketing2020-09-18T08:00:16-07:00
16 Sep 2020

7 Tips on customizing your Windows 10 PC


Getting tired of looking at the same old interface of your Windows PC? That’s not a problem with Windows 10. Here are some of the many ways you can customize your PC and make it a better fit for your work or leisure needs.

Change your themes

The most notable way to personalize Windows 10 is by changing your background and lock screen images. Do this by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop and choosing Personalize. Here, you can choose and preview different backgrounds and themes you can use. You can even add new themes by using images from your gallery or by clicking Get more themes in the Microsoft Store.

Use dark mode

Want to give your Windows 10 an edgier feel? Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize. Go to Colors. Under Choose your color, select Dark. This changes the colors of your windows and menus from white or gray to black, and text from black to white. The colors on websites and third-party apps remain unchanged, however.

To restore your […]

7 Tips on customizing your Windows 10 PC2020-09-21T21:51:12-07:00
15 Sep 2020

Three important information security predictions for 2020


74 percent of businesses have already witnessed the cybersecurity skills gap take a toll on their bottom line. As such, it's critical that organizations seek alternatives to compensate for the lack of #cybersecurity professionals that are needed to keep them secure. Read this article to learn more about this and other key cybersecurity predictions for 2020.

Three important information security predictions for 20202020-09-21T21:50:05-07:00
15 Sep 2020

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams


Every day, 20M+ workers actively use #MicrosoftTeams, the digital hub where teams can meet, call, and chat. Learn how @Microsoft is enabling workplace productivity with this infographic:

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams2020-09-15T12:52:43-07:00
15 Sep 2020

6 risks and opportunities of the intelligent, connected cloud


Within three years, 43 percent of the global workforce will become mobile, making the need for reliable and scalable cloud-based security a crucial one. In this infographic, you'll gain insights into the #opportunities and #risks that businesses encounter when moving to the intelligent business #cloud.

6 risks and opportunities of the intelligent, connected cloud2020-09-15T09:49:03-07:00
15 Sep 2020

CWPS uses Microsoft Teams to reimagine sales project workflows


Wondering how @Microsoft Teams can benefit your organization? Watch this video from the EVP of Sales and Marketing at CWPS, Frank Lusko, about unique #MicrosoftTeams features such as tagging alerts and planner scheduling.

CWPS uses Microsoft Teams to reimagine sales project workflows2020-09-21T21:49:58-07:00
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