11 Dec 2018

Benefits of SaaS every SMB should know


Does your business pay through the nose for software licenses? Are you worried about annual maintenance costs? For most SMBs, software eats up a significant portion of their budget. Fortunately, with software as a service (SaaS), you can do a lot for less. Read on to save money.

What is SaaS and what makes it appealing?
SaaS is a software delivery model that allows the user to access software from any device via the internet. This gives you more flexibility since you don’t have to come to the office to use the software. You can work from anywhere as long as you can go online.

As opposed to a traditional on-premises setup where software is stored locally, SaaS is hosted in the cloud. By transferring software hosting to a third party, you’re outsourcing all the responsibilities that come with maintenance, such as upgrades and troubleshooting. In a way, getting SaaS […]

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10 Dec 2018

The Facebook tools your business needs


Today’s small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely on a strong online presence to stand a chance against stiff competition, and using social media is one of the most economical ways to do that. Facebook has 2.3 billion users, which means you can’t afford to ignore their marketing and promotion tools.

Audience Insights tool

This free tool helps businesses learn more about their target audience. Audience Insights takes the guesswork out of identifying your ideal customers by providing data such as geography, purchasing patterns, and even the Facebook pages they like. You can also use your existing customer database, Facebook page, or email list to learn more about your clients. Audience Insights save a lot of time and money by determining whom you should advertise to.

Facebook Product Shops

Shops allow you to sell products directly from your Facebook page. You can set up your product shop in just a few clicks and let buyers purchase your items directly on Facebook. Consider running ads using […]

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7 Dec 2018

Ugly websites cost your business big bucks


According to a recent survey of 1,800 consumers, 42% said they’re “very unlikely” to buy from unprofessional or ugly websites. If you’re wondering whether or not your site could fall into that category, check out these key indicators.

A variety of professional photos

From pictures of your products to team photos, high-quality images are arguably the most important thing on your website. Blurry, outdated, or irrelevant pictures tell your site visitors that you don’t care about their browsing experience. In-house photos are the best option, but stock images shouldn’t cause any problems as long as they are optimized for mobile viewing and relevant to your content.


Aside from one subpar imagery, linking to nonexistent pages is one of the best ways to turn site visitors away. Make sure it’s easy to navigate your site and remove outdated or irrelevant pages. You can’t sell 404 pages to customers, and if that’s all visitors can find, it’s game over.

Clear copywriting

The last thing you want to […]

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6 Dec 2018

Tips for extending Android’s battery life


Every new Android smartphone is packed with powerful hardware and features, but unfortunately, it also comes with a short battery life. Larger and brighter screens, faster processors, and applications running in the background all quickly drain power from ever thinner batteries. But all hope isn’t lost. You can follow these seven tips to make your Android phone’s battery life last longer.

Use power saving mode

The quickest way to conserve your battery life is by activating the power saving mode found in the settings of most Android phones. As of this writing, you can do this by going to Settings > Device maintenance, then tapping the Battery icon at the bottom left corner.

This mode limits your phone’s processor and reduces the screen’s brightness display, thereby using only the bare minimum power to keep its critical functions running. This means that even with the power saving mode on, you’ll still […]

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5 Dec 2018

Virtualization Basics: Windows on Macs


A common reason for running the Windows operating system (OS) on a Mac computer is to bypass compatibility issues. Virtualization is the only way to efficiently install OS-specific software on any machine, so let’s go over some of the ways this solution creates synergy between the two platforms.

Configure an entire machine with a few clicks

With programs like VMware and Parallels, installing Microsoft’s OS on your Mac is almost as easy as creating a new document in Office. The process varies between vendors, but it’s usually akin to clicking File and New and then choosing between Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10, and typing in your product key.

Deciding how much hard drive space and RAM get devoted to your virtual machine is also simple and user-friendly. For example, allocating memory to your Windows partition is done by sliding a marker along a scale that is color-coded based on the recommendations of your virtualization software.

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, click Finish and the rest will be configured for […]

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4 Dec 2018

How 5G data will impact VoIP


Our craving for data seems to increase every year, fueling the constant advancements in wireless technology. The latest is 5G, an abbreviation for the fifth-generation wireless systems, and it is set to transform VoIP for the better. Here are three ways it will do that.

Improved Video Conferencing

The major factor holding web and video conferencing back is how fast current networks can transmit data. Fortunately, innovations like Web Real-Time-Communications (WebRTC) and 5G networks will enhance VoIP for businesses. Providing open and stable streaming as well as sufficient transfer speeds will soon allow businesses to accommodate higher-quality, even 4K and 8K resolution, videos.

Virtual and augmented reality

With 5G network speeds, virtual and augmented reality will become more common for SMBs. 5G will blow past 4G’s Gbps (gigabits per second) limit, which is currently holding back the adoption of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications.

VR and AR need to process significantly more data because of the visuals they must process as users move, and this puts an enormous strain […]

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3 Dec 2018

Security challenges in healthcare IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. But as with any new technology, it also brings a slew of security risks healthcare professionals need to address.

Devices that contain a treasure trove of patient data are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Healthcare apps, for instance, contain plenty of sensitive information, such as social security numbers, prescriptions, and medical histories. Should hackers ever get a hold of this information, they’ll be able to steal their victim’s identity or resell the information on the dark web.

In certain cases, an attacker could have direct control over IoT equipment, causing potentially lethal results.

In August 2018, cardiovascular imaging device manufacturer Philips found that its devices could be exploited with a high-severity code execution flaw that could be sent over the Internet, and in an even more terrifying twist, McAfee researchers at the 2018 Defcon demonstrated that vital signs monitors could be remotely altered to simulate a flatline on a patient’s heartbeat.

Vulnerable medical devices are also gateways to a […]

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30 Nov 2018

6 productivity hacks for Office 365


This post contains some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Office 365 subscription. We’ll also share some of the options you can take advantage of when migrating your system to the cloud, including how to streamline the entire process based on your business needs.

Declutter your inbox

If you’re having trouble managing the overwhelming amount of emails in your inbox, then using Office 365’s “Clutter” feature can clear up some space. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter then select Separate items identified as Clutter. Once activated, mark any unwanted messages as “clutter.” After learning your email preferences, Office 365 will automatically move low-priority messages into your “Clutter” folder, helping you focus on more important emails.

Ignore group emails

Want to keep messages from an email thread you don’t want to be part of out of your inbox? If so, simply go […]

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29 Nov 2018

Declutter your PC with these Windows tools


It doesn’t take long for computer desktops and hard drives to become cluttered, and it’s probably why your PC has been so slow lately. Luckily, Windows has great tools for getting rid of these five types of digital clutter that will have your computer performing like new in no time flat.

There are five types of clutter that may be causing your computer to perform so slowly. Usually, simply resetting or refreshing Windows will help you solve these issues.

  1. Windows updates – includes failed update downloads. While Windows will delete some of these corrupted and unusable files, others will hang around forever unless you reset Windows.
  2. Registry bloat – includes files and applications you’ve deleted in addition to every action performed in Windows, which is recorded in your computer’s registry. Redundant entries bog down your PC, and the solution is to reset Windows.
  3. Error logs – log files kept by Windows whenever software in your system encounters errors in processing or crashes altogether. And, as with registry bloat, […]
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28 Nov 2018

Do honest working hackers exist?


The word “hacker” conjures up an image of a hoodie-wearing basement dweller that programs all sorts of malicious attacks to infiltrate their target’s computer. But hackers are so much more than that. There are also hackers that use their skills to do good.

A complicated history
In the 1950s, the term ‘hacker’ was vaguely defined. As computers and the people who worked with them became more accessible, the word was used to describe someone who explored the details and limits of technology by testing them from a variety of angles.

But by the 1980s, hackers became associated with teenagers who were being caught breaking into government computer systems — partially because that is what they called themselves, and partially because the word hacker has an inherently aggressive ring to it.

Today, several of those pioneering hackers run multimillion-dollar cybersecurity consulting businesses. So what should you call someone who uses their knowledge for good?

“White hat” hackers
Sometimes referred to as ethical hackers, or plain old network security specialists, these are the good guys. […]

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