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3 Benefits of online scheduling

While quality of care is a major factor when patients choose a healthcare facility, convenience is now becoming another key consideration. Online scheduling, in particular, has become more and more important in selecting a healthcare provider.

Even if the use of smartphones, tablets, and other internet-connected devices has already permeated society, many healthcare facilities have trouble keeping up with the times. But those that have kept up with tech trends have seen an uptick in both the number of patients they take in and the quality of care they are able to provide, while facilities relying on the old ways continue to remain stagnant in both areas.

Online scheduling is one of the simplest and most popular technologies used by forward-thinking health clinics and hospitals. It allows patients to see when a doctor is available and schedule an appointment on your website. Practices that use online scheduling are able to reap the following benefits. 

More potential new […]

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How to delete data from your mobile device

It’s not our business if you want to sell your old smartphone or give it away. But it’s a good idea to securely delete what’s stored in it because you wouldn’t want the next owner to get hold of your sensitive information. Follow the steps below before letting go  of your device.

1. Encrypt your Android phone

Ensure that strangers don’t have access to your private data by encrypting it to make it unreadable. Newer phones usually encrypt data by default. But if you’re unsure about yours,  double-check to avoid regrets later.

Go to Settings in your phone and search for Encryption. Where you’ll find that depends on the phone you’re using, but it should be easy to locate. Once there, you’ll see whether your device is encrypted or not. If it’s the latter, start the encryption process. This normally takes an hour or more, and you can’t use […]

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3 Concerns with implementing virtualization

Virtualizing your servers, networking devices, and other machines can drastically lower costs and dramatically shorten IT infrastructure deployment times. However, implementing this requires a lot of IT expertise that can’t just be pulled off by regular technicians. Here are three things specialists consider when managing virtualization efforts.

Backing up data can be such a hassle
Incorporating a robust backup system in a virtualized setting can become a huge challenge. This is because you have to determine which data you want to store and how often it should be backed up, then you have to decide whether you should back up all your virtual machines or just some vital ones that have important apps and data.

In short, the amount of data that needs to be backed up can be overwhelming. The only way to overcome this is to integrate a powerful virtual backup solution offered by a reputable managed services provider (MSP).

Ensuring security complicates the virtualization process
Security concerns are more complicated in a virtualized setting since you have to monitor security […]

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Why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPad

A lot of iPad users resort to jailbreaking to gain greater control over iOS. With a jailbroken iPad, you can download apps unavailable in the App Store and get additional functionality from apps installed on your device. However, this virtually unrestricted access to apps and features has its cons, not least of which are security issues. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPad.

Security vulnerabilities

Jailbreaking removes security features designed to protect your iPad and the sensitive information it contains. So when you download and install third-party apps onto your jailbroken iPad, you may introduce malware, spyware, and viruses that can compromise your data’s security and slow down or damage your device.

Warranty issues

Although it’s perfectly legal to jailbreak your iPad, Apple has made it clear that jailbreaking is a violation of the iOS software license agreement. As such, any jailbroken Apple device will not be protected under their warranty service coverage. Apple may even deny service for your […]

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Tips for buying a business projector

If your last corporate presentation looked faded or dim on screen, or your existing projector is still the bulky, heavy kind, it may be time to buy a new office projector. But before you purchase one, you need to be more informed of your options so your investment will not go to waste. Here’s a quick and painless rundown of what makes a business projector worth your money.

Brightness and light output

A projector cannot display bright images without enough light output. Even if you dim the lights in the room to compensate, images will appear muddy and blurred if the light output is too low. 

To find out if a projector’s lamp has the correct brightness for your needs, look for its ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Lumens rating. It will tell you how much light that particular projector can put out. Projectors that have […]

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Cloud migration tips for unified communications

With the increased popularity of cloud technology, the productivity benefits of cloud-based unified communications (UC) are well-known. But organizations migrating UC to the cloud must realize that its performance relies on a number of factors. If you’re considering moving your UC to the cloud, follow these tips.

Opt for a gradual transition

Migrating unified communications to the cloud doesn’t have to be accomplished in one big move. It can be done gradually. You can move UC for departments that can benefit from it, while those with no pressing need for a cloud-based UC, such as a company’s call center, can keep using on-premises systems. This way, users can ease their way into the new system without experiencing network disruptions, which could lead to reduced productivity.

Secure sufficient bandwidth

Issues on speed and performance will inevitably arise, so make sure to cover all the bases before migration. That means securing a reliable internet service provider, checking the stability of your internal network, and having a […]

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Advanced anti-phishing features for Gmail

While cybercriminals create new malware strains or look for software vulnerabilities to exploit, other criminal minds happily rely on an old, yet effective, trick: phishing scams. Such scams persist because people still fall for fraudulent email that asks recipients to reveal personal information or download an attachment containing malware. Happily, Google has further improved Gmail’s anti-phishing security features, making them even more proactive.

Machine learning
Google uses machine learning technology to further enhance their email security. Phishing scams usually follow a predictable pattern, so Google experts developed an algorithm that analyzes such patterns and updates Gmail’s security database in real time. When the same phishing attempt is made, Gmail flags and quarantines potentially dangerous messages.

According to Google, around 50% of emails sent to Gmail accounts are spam and phishing emails, but with the new detection algorithm, Gmail has achieved 99% accuracy in detecting them.

Click-time warnings
Google has also added precautions for suspicious links. When Gmail detects an incoming email from untrusted senders containing […]

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Solve these Office 365 security challenges

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a robust productivity and collaboration tool. Businesses are particularly drawn to its advanced features, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. But like other cloud-based platforms, it’s not immune from security risks.

Vulnerabilities in SharePoint

Businesses typically use SharePoint Online and on-premises SharePoint sites to store sensitive data like personally identifiable data. Failing to secure SharePoint content against unauthorized users is one way to expose data and your business to malicious actors. And for companies that have to comply with regulatory authorities, there are serious consequences to data privacy non-compliance. To prevent this, limit administrator-level privileges and enable encryption. Set the necessary security restrictions per user for every application.

Unprotected communication channels

Launching phishing attacks and installing malware are two of the most common ways to hack into a system, but there are other paths of attack. Office 365 features like Skype for Business and Yammer, both of which connect to external networks, may serve as a medium for ransomware and other types of attacks.

Train your staff to identify potentially malicious files […]

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Exploring the human cloud’s benefits

It’s an amazing time to start a business — not only can you take your ideas more quickly to the market, you can do so at lower costs and without the traditional barriers in hiring skilled workers. Talented contractors are now available via the “human cloud” and are ready to help you build and operate your company. Here’s how your small – or medium-sized business (SMB) can gain from it.

Foundr Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Nathan Chan started a ‘passion project’ that led him to interview some of the most influential entrepreneurs around the world, which he shared through his monthly digital publication.

For Mr. Chan, the launch of this successful project would not have been possible if it wasn’t for human cloud service Elance, a freelancing platform that allowed him to leverage overseas talent and build a solid team of graphic designers, audio/video editors, and writers. All tasks and projects for each issue of his magazine are run via the platform, […]

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