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Is CRM software essential to your business?

The right technology investment can lead to business success. With customer relationship management (CRM) software at the helm of your sales and marketing efforts, you can nurture long-lasting business relationships and improve your bottom line. If you need more convincing, we’ve compiled five more reasons why your business needs CRM.

Grows with your business

The ol’ Rolodex may have been useful for managing a few clients, but you’ll need a much better solution if you plan to maintain relationships with hundreds, possibly thousands, more. CRM scales with your business, meaning it can handle larger data sets and more clients as you expand your sales operation.

Organizes your data

CRM software acts as a central database for all your sales records and transactions. This means important customer information can be retrieved in just a few clicks rather than by rifling through thousands of documents, sticky notes, and disorganized cabinets. And since CRM is hosted in the cloud, sales data, customer interactions, […]

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Optimize Windows 10 with these steps

The latest Windows 10 update may have improved multitasking and login authentication processes, but it does have its downsides. From stuck updates to shrunk storage space, we got you covered on how to fix five of the most frustrating Windows 10 issues.

1. Less storage space

When you upgrade to Windows 10, your old software is not actually deleted but stored in your hard drive as “windows.old”. While this is a smart move that allows users to downgrade their software if they want, it also consumes a lot of space that you can use to store more important files.

If you want to delete this previous version to free your storage space, first type “cleanup” on the Windows search bar to pull up the Disk Cleanup app. From there, you can either click on OK right away, or you can choose Clean up system files to ask Windows to scan your system. Either of these options will open a pop-up box that will ask whether you would […]

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What is app virtualization?

Small- or medium-sized business (SMB) owners may be overwhelmed by their company’s IT demands. Fortunately, virtualization services are giving them a fighting chance to stay on top. Some technology vendors even recommend app virtualization services because many SMBs use it. Learn if it’s right for you by understanding the basics.

What are non-virtualized apps?

To understand app virtualization, first you need to understand how non-virtualized apps are installed.

When you install an application like Skype or Slack onto a computer, the installer program puts most of the files required for the app to run on your hard drive’s Program Files folder. This process is usually fine for personal use but may become problematic if you install similar apps on your device.

For instance, if two similar apps are installed on the same file destination, there’s a chance that they might conflict with each other and inevitably crash. Likewise, if you uninstall a program without knowing that it shares important files with another application, you run the risk of […]

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How to secure your VoIP services

Now that VoIP is becoming the common means of collaboration among SMBs, it’s time to start securing your networks from threats against them. Without a thorough knowledge of how VoIP works, companies cannot easily perceive their vulnerability to attacks. Read on for tips to protect your web-based communication devices and services.

Since the majority of VoIP services involve live communications, people might think that it’s safer than stored data, which can be stolen at any time. What companies don’t realize is that valuable information moves across VoIP networks the same way sensitive documents are shared via email. In some cases, internet-based calls are more vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, eavesdropping, intentional disruption of service, and even financial loss.

24/7 monitoring

VoIP security breaches usually take place outside operating hours. Attackers make phone calls using private accounts or access call records with confidential information on the sly. Contracting outsourced IT vendors to monitor network traffic for any abnormalities is the best way to avoid these security breaches.

VoIP firewalls

Firewalls […]

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Reasons to become an Office Insider

With Office Insider, subscribers have the privilege of viewing and testing new Office 365 features before other users. This insider feature targets tech-savvy business owners who want to get ahead of the competition and take their software game to the next level.

Early Access

Subscribing to Office Insider gives you access to new innovations, security updates, and bug fixes months before they are released to the public. This insider feature is available in two levels: the fast ring where updates are rolled out more frequently, but come with a few bugs, and the slow ring where updates are released slower, but come with little to no software bugs.

What’s new for Office Insiders?

    1. Ideas in Excel
      Ideas is a bolt-shaped icon at the top right corner of the screen that helps you understand your data through high-level summaries, trends, and patterns. It will analyze your data and create attractive visuals about it in the task pane.
    2. Animated 3D graphics
      Animated 3D graphics like beating hearts, orbiting planets, and rampaging […]

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Benefits of machine learning on productivity

Did you know that learning how to use an application is a two-way process? In fact, your applications learn something new about you after every interaction. They take note of your frequently visited sites and other data points to make your tasks easier so you can avoid repetitive work. Before you worry too much about privacy, take a second to learn about Google’s focus on using these tools to boost productivity.

Based on thousands and possibly millions of recorded actions and data, machine learning analyzes your past actions to guess what you need to do next. Machine learning can suggest specific documents, launch apps, schedule meetings, and send emails depending on your email writing schedule, the device you’re using, and apps you’re using at the time.

How does machine learning work?

One great example is using the Explore button on Google Sheets. It’s a small cross icon button on the lower right portion of the screen that reveals data trends. Through machine learning, Explore can also analyze […]

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Essential Android apps you should be using

Finding and installing the right apps for your tablet is a challenge to many Android users. How do you know which ones will boost your device’s functionality? Instead of downloading apps at random, try out these seven essential apps for your Android phone or tablet.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15GB of free cloud storage (you can purchase additional storage as needed), plus access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep to do both work and personal tasks even while on the go. It also includes Google Photos, which you can use to store, view, and share photos and videos.

Microsoft Office apps

The Microsoft Office apps bring you all the essential tools you need to get work done. They encompass all the familiar Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Create and edit documents anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device. And with these apps’ integration with OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, your documents are automatically saved and easily shared with others.


Trouble keeping track of your tasks […]

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Beware of these 4 types of hackers

Hackers come in all shapes and sizes. From kids wanting to gain notoriety on the internet to political groups trying to send a message, the motives for a cyberattack vary widely. So how can you protect yourself? It all starts with getting to know your enemy a little better. Here’s a profile of four different types of hackers.

Script Kiddies

Skill-wise, script kiddies (or skids, for short) are at the bottom of the hacker totem pole. Their name comes from the fact that they use scripts or other automated tools written by others. Most of the time, script kiddies are young people on a quest for internet notoriety. Or, more often than not, they’re simply bored and in search of a thrill. Many never become full-time hackers; in fact, many script kiddies end up using their skills for the greater good, working in the security industry.

Though lacking in hacking know-how, script kiddies shouldn’t be dismissed so easily, as they can cause businesses much damage. In May […]

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5 tips to get the most out of Mac OS

If you think using your Mac can’t be any easier, you have another think coming. Mac’s shortcuts not only help you save time, but they can also boost your productivity. Here are some tips and tricks that will make using your Mac easier.

Open programs and files faster

Want a quicker way to open files and programs? If you’re tired of opening Finder and scrolling through hundreds of apps and files, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a much more efficient solution, and that’s Spotlight.

To use Spotlight, follow these steps:

  1. Press Command + Space bar to launch your search.
  2. Type the first few letters of the app or file you’d like to open.
  3. On the drop-down menu that appears, scroll down to the app or file you’re searching for and hit Enter.

Force quit apps

When the pinwheel of death rears its ugly head, your application stalls and your productivity comes to a standstill. There’s no better time to make use of the Force Quit shortcut. Here’s how to do […]

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Which business computers are best?

We know that IT plays a big role in reaching your small- and medium-sized business (SMB) milestones. When it comes to hardware, you don’t need to be an IT expert to find the best possible solution. Here’s a concise and helpful guide to the best hardware for your SMB.


Laptops allow you to keep working when you don’t have an electrical outlet. However, this ability to take your work anywhere can be counterproductive by creating more stress on employees who think they must work all the time.


Desktop computers used to have more memory and faster processors than laptops. And although high-powered laptops have caught up, they are more expensive. If work is limited to word processing and emailing, affordable less-powerful laptops should be enough. Anything more will probably require a desktop machine.


Data security is necessary not only against data leaks but as protection from litigation, reputation damage, and loss of business. With a network security system and IT staff, vulnerabilities are easier to address for […]

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