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The cloud: Connecting us during the COVID-19 outbreak

Governments across nearly every continent issued stay-at-home orders, which apparently slowed the spread of COVID-19. However, while these drastic measures have saved and continue to save countless lives, the negative repercussions to economies, societies, and individuals’ mental well-being are enormous. Thankfully, the cloud is playing a substantial role in mitigating the effects on all three.

Cloud computing helps buoy economies

For many people, being forced to stay at home means being unable to earn money or spend money on in-person services and activities that form dense congregations, such as watching movies or attending concerts. Because of this, the world is projected to enter a global recession, although cloud computing helps to put a damper on this in a number of ways:

  • The cloud allows people to work remotely.
    Cloud-based productivity and project management tools let people continue working from the safety of their own homes, thereby helping businesses remain operational despite having empty offices.
  • Cloud hosting solutions support eCommerce activities.
    Regular web hosting services would be overwhelmed by spikes in traffic caused by surges […]
The cloud: Connecting us during the COVID-19 outbreak2020-05-08T08:00:38-07:00

Stay afloat during the pandemic: 5 useful tips

As the coronavirus disease continues to spread all over the world, more and more businesses are faced with a difficult decision: find a way to adapt to the current situation or close their doors forever. Here are some tips to help your business adjust to the challenges of the pandemic and stay afloat during these tough times.

Reduce expenses

This one is obvious but still bears mentioning: take out your books and find out where and how you can cut costs without affecting the quality of your service.

Putting off non-essential or discretionary expenses, such as repainting your offices or buying new equipment, is a no-brainer. Cutting out fixed expenses such as rent and loan payments is harder, if not impossible, to do. However, it is crucial if your production and revenue are at a standstill.

Try asking your landlord for a reduction or deferment of a portion of your rent. Also, ask your bank if you can put off or skip loan payments for a finite period, or if they can […]

Stay afloat during the pandemic: 5 useful tips2020-05-06T08:00:35-07:00

How to avoid issues caused by Windows 10’s April update

One of the most consistent issues with Windows 10 has been how updates are rolled out to users. Usually, the biggest problem is that updates slow computers’ performance to a crawl. Sometimes they cause computers to crash. But this time, updates are causing files to disappear.

What are the issues?

The April Windows 10 update has a few problems. First, it is causing an abnormally high number of computers to crash and display the “Blue Screen of Death.” Although those issues are unfortunately common among Microsoft’s operating system updates, they’re worse this time around.

In rarer cases, users are reporting that the update is deleting images, videos, and documents from their hard drives. There are also stories of the update causing computers to continually restart themselves or display the message “No operating system could be found.”

How you can prevent a faulty update

There are only a couple of options for avoiding this update and it’s crucial to understand that those options come with cybersecurity risks. As with most Windows 10 updates, April’s […]

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Buying antivirus software? Consider the following points

You probably didn’t need to worry about antivirus protection before. At the office, the IT department handled it. At home, your personal setup may not contain enough valuable information to warrant industry-strength. But because of the global pandemic forcing most of us to stay indoors, your home is now your office, too. If you’re looking to boost your antivirus software, keep the following in mind.

Not all antivirus software solutions are the same. If you’re considering getting one, you need to identify what you and your company needs. Then do your research among the available options in the market. Here are a few things to consider when you shop for antivirus software.

#1 Cost

There are free-to-use antivirus software products in the market, but they only offer basic protections that seasoned hackers can easily infiltrate. You’ll need to pay in order to upgrade and enjoy full protection. And there’s a danger that the free software contains adware, or that it collects data and sells them to third parties.

Nowadays, nothing’s for free. […]

Buying antivirus software? Consider the following points2020-05-01T08:00:18-07:00

Expect enhancements to Android 11

You’re probably keen to learn what new features will be available in the next major Android OS update. Android 11 won’t be released until the third quarter of the year, but you can get a glimpse of the OS’s enhancements in Android 11 Developer Preview 2.

New notification panel user interface

“Conversations,” “Alerting,” and “Silent” notification sections in the notification panel will now have wider spaces in between them. Whereas the current notification panel UI looks more compact, this change is intended to break up the notification sections more visibly. That said, some users might find the new UI a bit cluttered.

“Important” tag notifications

In Gmail, you can tag certain emails as “Important,” a useful function if you regularly receive a huge number of emails. Android 11 emulates this function and will soon allow users to tag conversations as “Important.”

To use this feature, long-press a conversation in the notification panel and select the option to mark it. Conversations tagged as “Important” will appear on top of the Conversation notification panel, while […]

Expect enhancements to Android 112020-04-29T08:00:31-07:00

Get longer battery life with new MacBook feature

Apple is introducing a new feature with the new macOS Catalina 10.15.5 update. Called Battery Health Management, it is designed to extend your MacBook’s battery life by reducing the negative impact of overcharging.

It maintains your MacBook’s battery life by preventing chemical aging on its battery. It does this by not charging your device all the way up to 100 percent, even if it says so on your laptop screen. Apple has not revealed how much of the charge the new feature will reduce, but promises that it won’t have any severe impact on your device’s battery life.

This strategy is not new nor is it unique to MacBooks. In fact, it’s something most modern phones are already doing. Even if you leave your phone to charge, it will avoid charging all the way to 100 percent until shortly before you wake it up. This is because too much charging wears your phone’s battery over time, leading it to lose power much faster the longer you use it.

Which MacBook models […]

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Finding the best work from home laptop

Whether you’re performing some light web browsing or graphically intensive tasks, you’ll need a suitable laptop that functions according to your work from home requirements. To help you pick the right laptop, we’ve compiled a list of features to consider.

  • Size – When it comes to your laptop weapon of choice, size matters. Of course, this depends on what you’ll be doing with it. If you’re a graphic designer, you might want to have a bigger display. However, if your work mostly entails writing, blogging, or doing reports, you probably need a standard-sized (11.6- to 15.6-inch) laptop.
  • Screen quality – For work, comfort is the main factor when it comes to screen quality since you’ll most probably be in front of your screen hours at a time. Fortunately, most laptops these days have full HD displays. A 1920×1080-pixel resolution (full HD) should be considered if you require plenty of space to line up windows and keep things in view.
  • Keyboard quality – The quality and functionality of a keyboard drive productivity. […]
Finding the best work from home laptop2020-04-24T08:00:46-07:00

These signs may indicate your VoIP system is being hacked

Because of the wide array of benefits a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system offers, more businesses are ditching their traditional landline system in favor of this technology. However, like any piece of modern technology, VoIP systems are not immune from being exploited by cybercriminals. Here are the signs that might indicate that your VoIP system is being hacked.

#1 Redirection of internet searches to malicious sites

Being redirected to other — often potentially malicious — sites while performing an internet search is a telltale sign that your VoIP system is being hacked. Hackers may also install browser extensions and toolbars without your knowledge.

To keep your VoIP system safe from cybercriminals, always log out and when not in use.

#2 Irregularities in your call history

If you notice a consistent pattern of calls being made or coming from an unknown location or unfamiliar numbers, it’s usually an indication that your VoIP system may be under attack. Ask for a detailed copy of your call logs from your service provider so you can […]

These signs may indicate your VoIP system is being hacked2020-04-22T08:00:57-07:00

Preparing your Office suite for changes brought by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to be creative with collaboration and productivity — and made work from home (WFH) setups through Microsoft applications more prominent. Just make sure your data is safe in your employees’ hands by following these tips.

Before the pandemic broke out, companies across the United States had already been on the lookout for remote work possibilities, because of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Back then, the technology was used to take advantage of market and location opportunities, but with entire cities going on lockdown to stem the transmission velocity of the coronavirus, enterprises across the continent have turned to digital solutions for their respective workforces to remain productive at home.

Microsoft’s Windows and Office 365 engineers have geared both sets of software to be user-friendly across different platforms — and by extension, many Windows-ready third-party applications enjoy the same benefit. For many organizations, especially small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), this means no need to switch to a more remote-friendly system. But because of […]

Preparing your Office suite for changes brought by COVID-192020-04-20T08:00:33-07:00

Is your internet bandwidth enough for remote work?

The coronavirus outbreak has necessitated people to work away from each other, so employees are now setting up offices at home. If you’re a remote worker, or if your business is planning to move to a work from home setup soon, make sure that your employees’ internet bandwidth can handle work-related processes. This way, your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the maximum data transfer rate possible in a network or internet connection. It indicates the amount of data that can be sent over a connection in a given amount of time, and is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second (Bps).

Imagine two computers with the same internet speed at 100 megabit per second (Mbps): the first computer only has a 50 Mbps bandwidth, while the second one has 100 Mbps. If they were to download the same 500 Megabit (Mb) file, the first computer would be able to do it in 10 seconds, while the second one […]

Is your internet bandwidth enough for remote work?2020-04-17T08:00:30-07:00